Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sahara Nights Gel Fiber Pillows

Sahara Nights Gel Fiber PillowI ordered this pillow and the Sobella because I didn't know the difference. This pillow flattens out and wings up on the ends. The other Westex pillow, the Sobella, is by far the superior pillow and is in fact superior to any other pillow I have slept on in a long time and I have slept on many. I have an entire bedroom full of pillows we can't sleep on. I highly recommended the Westex Sobella Gel pillow and I have put the link on Amazon to it below. Don't waste your money on this one.

I was already in the market for a new pillow since my dog chewed a corner of my favorite duck pillow from Pacific Coast Feather Company and all of the feathers were emptied on my bed. When I went to vegas the beginning of the year and stayed at Circus Circus, they had recently renovated their rooms so everything was brand new. Anyway, I slept on a Sobel Westex Sahara pillow there (I had to check the label it was THAT comfortable) and it was awesome. I could not believe how comfortable the pillow (and bed for that matter) was. Usually I have to have 2 pillows to sleep good at night. Not with this pillow, I only needed one! I was already going to purchase one but then I saw on a app on my phone that Sobel had a FREE pillow (including shipping&handling) if you post a youtube video about your experience with their pillow. I submitted a video and vaola! 3 days later I had a fresh, brand new Sobel Westex Sahara Nights standard pillow at my doorstep. OMG i was so excited! I've been sleeping on heaven ever since! Thank You Sobel, you have AMAZING pillows!

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No, I'm not some stupid robotic reply. I'm a REAL person that lives in Salem, Oregon & I LOVE this pillow so much!

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